Sunday, September 12, 2010

Taffeta - My Encounter With My Family

I was born in England. There were 4 of us altogether. My mum couldn’t keep us because her humans were moving away, so we went to an animal rescue house. A nice lady and her husband looked after us until we found our ‘forever home’.

I loved my brothers and sisters, but, I was always last to get any food and they pushed me around a bit. I wasn’t really very happy.

One day a nice lady came to visit us and she wanted to take ME, yes Me, home. I liked her, she was nice. I said goodbye to my brothers and sister and the nice lady put me into a sort of box thingy and took me out to her car. It wasn’t long before we arrived at a house. When we went inside, the kind lady opened the box thingy and I timidly walked out..

I was very shy and hid behind the chair, so the nice lady put my bed behind the chair and let me stay there until I was ready to come out.

Next day I woke up to see 3 little people faces looking at me. They stroked me and cuddled me. I was still very small. Just like them. I knew then that I had found my ‘forever home’.

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