Sunday, September 12, 2010

Taffeta - My Encounter With My Family

I was born in England. There were 4 of us altogether. My mum couldn’t keep us because her humans were moving away, so we went to an animal rescue house. A nice lady and her husband looked after us until we found our ‘forever home’.

I loved my brothers and sisters, but, I was always last to get any food and they pushed me around a bit. I wasn’t really very happy.

One day a nice lady came to visit us and she wanted to take ME, yes Me, home. I liked her, she was nice. I said goodbye to my brothers and sister and the nice lady put me into a sort of box thingy and took me out to her car. It wasn’t long before we arrived at a house. When we went inside, the kind lady opened the box thingy and I timidly walked out..

I was very shy and hid behind the chair, so the nice lady put my bed behind the chair and let me stay there until I was ready to come out.

Next day I woke up to see 3 little people faces looking at me. They stroked me and cuddled me. I was still very small. Just like them. I knew then that I had found my ‘forever home’.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hello! My Name Is Pipsqueak

I am a male white and tabby Spanish cat, hence the pointed ears. I am 5 years old and like my friend Taffeta live with a human family of 2 adults and 3 children. I was born here in Spain and before I met my English family that I live with I could only meow in Spanish.

As Taffeta as told you we are writing this blog together to tell all you cats out there what life is really like for us here in Spain. So please subscribe to this blog and follow us on our journey. We will write again tomorrow.

Hello! My Name Is Taffeta

I am a female tabby cat born in England but now live in Spain. I am 12 years old and moved to Spain 7 years ago. I live with a human family that has 2 grown ups, at least I think the man is a grown up, and three children, 2 girls and 1 boy. I also live with another tabby cat called Pipsqueak who is Spanish you will meet him shortly.

I have decided to write this blog, along with Pipsqueak, so that all the cats out there in cyber world can learn a little bit about our lives here in Spain. I will now hand you over to my friend Pipsqueak to introduce himself.